SCORE MORE - The Complete Offensive System

Welcome to 'Score More: The Complete Offensive System.' It is a complete compilation of what I've learned and coached in my 36 years as an offensive coach. My career began under LaVell Edwards, the Hall of Fame coach at BYU, and continued with stops at Alabama, Oregon State, Louisville, UNLV, Tulsa, Memphis, Nicholls State, Tennessee-Martin, and Central Missouri.

The style of offense initially was termed the ' Multiple Pro Offense '. I learned the core principles/concepts of the offense at Brigham Young University (during late 1970's and 80's). BYU was the most explosive offense during that time period- very innovative led by LaVell Edwards (HC). We were one of the first offenses to utilize hot throws, sight adjustments, and uncovered receiver rules ( the early origin of the RPO ). My style of offense has proven to be very adaptable based on personnel groupings, opponent (defense) etc. I have designed an offensive scheme that is very flexible. 'Score More' contains complete offensive information that can be applied to any scheme (example: Spread, Pro Style, Power attack etc.) My philosophy of offense/coaching was highly influenced by the following mentors (just a few): LaVell Edwards, Mike Holmgren, Norm Chow, Steve Young, Archie Manning, Dave Kragthorpe .....

*Keep in mind that all of the material was developed and compiled over my career and includes 450 digital files, 200 videos and cut-ups, 200 PDFs and spread sheets as well as unlimited access for you and your staff.

*The 'Score More: The Complete Offensive System' is both adaptable and flexible. It can be applied to any offensive scheme whether it be the spread offense, wing-T, power I, or a combination of offenses. Similarly, the flexibility also includes instruction for the type of quarterback you have. Whether he be a runner or passer or both, this system works for your players.

*Coaching has been very good to me and my family over the years. I see this as an opportunity to give back and share valuable information with others in the profession. The 'Score More: The Complete Offensive System' will be helpful to all coaches, regardless of their level. We hope you enjoy it.

Charlie Stubbs,
February, 2017



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System Overview

 1 year membership up to 5 staff members

 Over 450 Digital Files, 37GB of data

 Over 200 Videos, Cutups, Studies and DVDs

 Over 200 PDFs, Spreadsheets, DOCs and Power Points

 Unlimited Access for you and your Staff

 Support from Coach Stubbs

  • Game planning charts and game day priorities.
  • Player evaluation forms and grade sheets.
  • Practice drills and concepts.
  • Complete playbooks including detailed plays from Tulsa, Louisville, Nicholls State, and Central Missouri
  • Priorities for all offensive positions.
  • Methods of studying video.
  • Complete scouting reports for Tulsa and Nicholls State.
  • Quarterback drills, techniques, and support manuals.
  • Video clips and cut-ups from Alabama, Tulsa, Louisville and Nicholls State.
  • Developing the complete quarterback, running back and wide receiver.
  • Philosophy to attack basic defenses.
  • Staff expectations and goals.
  • Complete fall camp practice and installation.
  • Motivational and inspirational messages.

Additionally, Coach Stubbs will be available as a consultant for those purchasing the ‘system.’

"Consultation Support"
Contact Coach Stubbs with any questions regarding the SYSTEM.   You may contact Coach Stubbs via cell, or email to get all of your questions answered on this system.

Air Raid System from Hal Mumme

Course Material

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    Video Library
		Nichols State		    

		First Down Production and Third Down Conversion
		Best Screens Against Agressive Defenses
		Play Action to Compliment your Run Game
		Pre Snap Movement to Create Offensive Advantages		
		Scoring in the Red Zone				
		Additional QB and Offensive Information
		Philosophy to Attack Basic Defenses
		Staff Expectations and Goals

		FALL CAMP PRACTICE- Installations and Schedules
			Fall Camp- Offensive Installations
		Clinic and Power Points (Part 1)
		Clinic and Power Points (Part 2)
			1. Creating Offensive Advantages

					Section 1 Personnel Groupings
					Section 2 Bunch -Stack
					Section 3 Scramble
					Section 4 Mix
					Section 5 Flanker Motion
					Section 6 Fin and Fob Motion
					Section 7 Race-Yo
					Section 8 Shift
					Section 9 X-Jet
					Section 10 Empty

		Clinic and Power Points (Part 3)
			2. Keys to Offensive Success

				KEYS TO OFFENSIVE SUCCESS- 1st and 3rd Downs
					Section 1 Core Runs
					Section 2 Play Action
					Section 3 - 3 Step - Movement Passes
					Section 4 Screens
					Section 5 Special (Big Plays)
					Section 6 Short Yardage 1-2
					Section 7 3rd 3-5
					Section 8 3rd 6-9

					Section 1 Redzone Runs
					Section 2 Redzone Passes

		Clinic and Power Points (Part 4)
			3. Complementing runs with Play Action
					Section 1 ZONE
					Section 5 ZONE DUMMY
					Section 6 THROWBACK - Dagger
					Section 7 Disguising P.A.P

			Coaching Articles

			OFFENSIVE POSITIONS- Video Questionnaires
			Philosophy to Attack Basic Defenses


			Louisville Playbook Diagram- 2007
			Louisville Playbook Plays by Formation- 2007
			Nicholls Playbook-PDF 2014
			Tulsa Playbook- 2006
			Central Missouri Playbook- 2009
				2-Game Week
				3-Huddle Procedures
				4-Personnel and Formations
				5-Defensive Terminology and Identification
				6-Running Game
				7-1 Back Runs
				8-2 Back Runs
				10-Passing Game
				11-Quick Game
				12-Drop back Pass
				13-Play Action Pass-Movement
				16-Short Yardage-Goal line
				17-Two Minute

			Nicholls Playbook- 2014
				1. Offensive Playbook Cover
				1a. General
				3. Fall Insertion
				4. Game Week
				5. Huddle Procedures and Pre-Snap Movt
				6. Personnel and Formations
				7. Defensive Terminology
				8. Run Game Terminology and Schemes
				9. Running Game Diagrams
				10. Protections
				11. Passing Game
				12. Quick Game
				13. Drop Back Series
				14. P.A.P. - Movement
				15. Screens
				16. Specials
				17. S.Y. - G.L
				18. 2 Minute - No Huddle
				19. Practice Install
				20. Depth Chart
				21. Practice Ranking

		QB INFO- (Drills, technique, manuals, etc

			QB TEST- Summer Video Study
			Spring Practice- Offensive Unit Grading System

		Motivational Thoughts and Pre- Game Videos

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